TeamLees works with a wide variety of clientele, but we are always looking for one common trend... work ethic!

Please read below before completing Consultation Form.

Damian accepts only clients who are willing to listen, learn and apply themselves to get the best results and coaching experience possible.

I have a maximum cap on my roster of clients I work with to provide a high level of service, therefore it is important to take the time out to complete the application fully. Please read below before you decide whether you think coaching is for you.

Contest Prep Clients

I work with Beginner all the way through to Pro Level Drug Free competitors. Male and Female, but you must be willing to work hard.

Are you ready to be coached?

Being coached isn't about getting quick fix results. It's an investment in your future self.

We are in this journey together as a team, so to get the best results and coaching experience possible I will only accept clients who are willing to commit and willing to put in the work.






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